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Complete Photoshop CS Mastery Video - 10 Lessons

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The Photoshop CS Mastery Video Series

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Ok, since this challenge was my idea I'll kick it off.

Organization. I lust after photos of crafting spaces. Painted in bright cheerful colours, storage galore, and miles upon miles of workspace.

But alas in the temporary living situation I am in right now my crafting space and thus my storage is less than ample. While one small storage rack, and half a dozen packing boxes are all I can claim for an organizational system, I know I can do better - even within this temporary situation.

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer provides a motivational guide to basic organization. Specifically delving into how you organize your space should be based on how you think. She also goes into how she tames the tiny clutter that is synonymous with scrapbooking.

Emilie Ahern's tutorial on customizable paper storage using grid storage cubes is brilliant and makes me wonder why I couldn't have figured out something so simple on my own. I have to admit that I own several of those cube storage systems from my college days, but somehow in our last move the bag of plastic clips disappeared and being as frugal as I am I haven't had the heart to get rid of the "useless" grid pieces. Well, duh, zipties! And this tutorial comes at a perfect time as I am in a huge need for super cheap paper storage.

Also, here is a photo of another configuration useing the same wire cube shelves and zipties:

Craft Critique has many other fabulous storage and organization ideas

I'm sure you have figured out by now that I am mildly obsessed with at the moment - I could spend hours upon hours on that brilliant site!

A Challenge

Hey everyone!

Wow, I'm impressed that so many people have found this community since I started it last October.

This community is dead at the moment, but I would LOVE to see this community blossom. So I have a challenge for each and every one of you, in hopes of kicking off this community is style.

The challenge is this: I want each of you, in a new post, to share something that you love about scrapbooking. It could be a link to an idea that you love, a hot tip, or a review of a favorite scrapbook store you frequent (either online or in person), or even tell us what your favorite paper/embellishment/tool is (and don't forget to add a link that shows off the item you are talking about).

And get the conversations started - if there is a post that catches your interest don't be afraid to post a comment or question. This community is all about the sharing ideas and information so that we can get better at our craft!