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scrap_resource's Journal

Scrapbooking Resources
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tips, tricks, tutorials, links, challenges, and ideas for scrapbookers
Welcome to scrap_resource! This community is designed specifically to address the technical side of Scrapbooking. Here you will find tips, tricks, techniques, tutorials, challenges and notable scrapbooking links.

We have some basic rules to keep everything on topic and user-friendly:

1) While this community is not geared to be a show-and-tell of your latest and greatest scrapbook layouts, It is appropriate to include a photo of your work when it pertains to your post about a technical aspect of scrapbooking.

correct examples:
-You found a link to a great website about how to make paper bag mini books, and you included the mini book you've been working on based on the instructions at the website.
-You've written a tutorial on how to make a pop-up scrapbook page. Since the vast majority of tutorials include step-by-step photos of said project, it would be expected that you will also post pictures of the project.
-So-and-So posted a tutorial on creative ways of using foam stamps. You ended up using and expanding on the techniques and now wish to post pictures of your work. (this is completely acceptable, as long as you include a link to the original post.)
-You participated in a challenge, so you link to/describe the challenge and show your work that you did for the challenge.

incorrect examples:
-You just finished this unbelievable album and want to show off all 40 layouts to everyone you can get to take a look. (This would not be appropriate as you are not providing usable information. This post would be better suited for just about any other scrapbooking community)

This community is here to improve your creativity and technical know-how in regards to scrapbooking. This is not a gallery. If you would like to show off all of your work without having to go into the nitty-gritty of it, there are plenty of scrapbook LJ communities out there for you to show off in. I've kindly listed links for those below.

It should also be noted that you do not need to include pictures of your own work here. While we would love to see how you've applied a certain technique, it's the sharing of the technique itself that is most important.

2) All photos and posts longer than 2-3 paragraphs need to be under an LJ cut, instructions for which can be found Here

3) Feel free to ask any questions you have about various techniques. Don't be shy - we love good discussions and brainstorms here! Even a good poll can get the creative juices flowing!

4) Please post reviews of products you've tried and shops that you've bought from (both brick and mortar stores as well as online).

5) Have you found a great inspirational or instructional websites? Post the link here and share the love!

6) Lurking around in the archived posts and have something you want to add? Post away! It may not help the original poster, but you just may help another person that may be surfing through that post.

7) All members are expected to be on their best behavior while using this community. I will not tolerate drama. This is community will be a safe place for people to share ideas and creativity.

8) Be aware of copyright laws and plagiarism. It is not ok to post a photo from someone else's website/blog here even if you are linking back to their site. The one exception is if you have written consent from the owner of that image. If you are unclear about copyright laws and plagiarism, I highly suggest doing some research ala google.

9) Sale posts are not allowed in this community. However, if you would like to link to a post in your journal/another community/ebay/etc. of the stuff you are selling that is fine.

And thats all for the moment - I'm sure the rules will be tweaked as this community grows. I will do what I can to keep the memories section and tags updated, so please check those out whenever you need scrapbooking info or inspiration.

Here are the links to other LJ scrapbooking communities (this is not a complete listing):